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This board is for social relationships, non-3D lewding and lgbt discussion.

1. Cute encouraged
2. No facedoxxing
3. Normies go home
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same, i'd make sure they'd have to wear diapers in their old age.
meguka is bettter

this tbdesu
Yeah i said this on /j/ but why add another dead board? Chen2 i really liked you dont go down this path


「Black Clock Enthusiasts」

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There nothing I enjoy quite like seeing my wife’s face light up when I bring home a new big black clock.
We get it wound up, and you’d better believe that shaft won’t stop.
Once we realized the superiority of black clocks, we realized we needed to get one for the whole family.
I’ll never forget the look on my bratty teenage daughter’s face when she unwrapped the BBC I got her for Christmas.
You know what time it is.
Post fat black clocks.
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Bing w/ safe search off.
“Greased abs.” (???)
It’s not the sorta thing I memorize...
Oh shit I’m sorry.
Sorry for what?
>>256692 #
If I clone myself I then suck my clones dick, am I performing autofellatio?
>Complain that people don’t care about original imageboard.
>Create social board as a way of trying to promote enthusiasm about home site.
>Abandon board like 15 minutes after creation.