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This board is for social relationships, non-3D lewding and lgbt discussion.

1. Cute encouraged
2. No facedoxxing
3. Normies go home
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wish I had friends
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「Pot Thoughts」

When you stare into dankness, does it stare back?
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「Delete /a/ right now」

This shit is so gay /j/ is already dead whats the point of having /a/.
Sonia literally kill yourself
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「Black Clock Enthusiasts」

There nothing I enjoy quite like seeing my wife’s face light up when I bring home a new big black clock.
We get it wound up, and you’d better believe that shaft won’t stop.
Once we realized the superiority of black clocks, we realized we needed to get one for the whole family.
I’ll never forget the look on my bratty teenage daughter’s face when she unwrapped the BBC I got her for Christmas.
You know what time it is.
Post fat black clocks.
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hi hiihi hi!