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I have decided we need a collab story thread.
First we need a premise: a setting, a group of characters, a conflict or source of tension and change, some themes/motifs, and maybe a plot device or gimmick.
Feel free to post the first thing that comes to mind.
Pic related - I read a lot of crime fiction.
Hmm. I think we want 2-3 main protagonists, 4-8 side characters of varying importance, and 0-2 antagonists.
Also I want a interesting plot device - like interweaved narratives, an unreliable narrator, idk.
Maybe something like the book “Cloud Atlas”, or “A Chronicle of a Death Foretold”.
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right I know someone in the thread said post the language everywhere but we literally can only speak like one sentence rn and everytime I see you post it you use the wrong word order...
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