RIP 4/15/19 ~ 1/15/20

chen2 has been shut down as of 1/15/2020 after a 9 month run, due to absentee admins unavailable to moderate spam and fedpoasts. chen2 was intended only as a proof-of-concept for the efficacy of realtime imageboards in achieving a thriving community from even a small exit pool, and in this it was a total success, so much so that it was kept online just for the sake of the community that formed around it. Within the first week, we reached a ~700-1200 daily unique IP traffic load which sustained itself for the next months and found even small communities of 10-15 able to thrive as independent boards.

The realtime feature provides much more momentum to board activity, allowing splinter communities to both exit and survive easily in a way that was not possible with static imageboards; chen2 should be treated as inspiration for the seeds of a new imageboard revival.


chen2 is a realtime imageboard inspired by the early 00's anonymous imageboard and its culture - embracing the loosely organized discussion & light-hearted funposting enabled by anonymity and transciency.

Realtime means you can see posts as they're being typed live, giving a fast, conversational pace to discussion. Jump in a thread and check it out~


Community Moderation

Community culture is important to every imageboard, but it's damaged by moderator interference and non-assimilating outsiders. Here moderation is transparent by design, and aims only to act as an extension of the community will: stepping in whenever community shaming of an especially stubborn outsider has proven ineffective.

If you're new here, try to lurk and learn the culture before posting!

Software & Privacy

chen2 is running meguca, open-source under the GPLv3. Servers are hosted in the US and under the jurisdiction of US law. IP is stored encrypted on the server for 7 days after making a post as a moderation necessity. It is never made visible to any user or moderator. VPN's are allowed and encouraged for anyone concerned about privacy.

chen2 has not been contacted by the FBI or received any gag orders.